>> False Mountain (Personal Essay | Elsewhere: A Journal of Place, publ. April 12th, 2021)


>> STOP AND TAKE NOTE | THE GRITTY ROCK OF SWITCHES (GoldFlakePaint, publ. Oct 3rd, 2014)

>> FOREIGN/NATIONAL | LIFE TOURIST (GoldFlakePaint, publ. Aug 29th, 2014)

>> FRESH LICKS | GRAVEYARD CLUB ~ THE NIGHT IS MINE (GoldFlakePaint, publ. July 22nd, 2014)

>> INTRODUCING | V E N N (GoldFlakePaint, publ. July 22nd, 2014)

Bigger Fiction‘ is like a dystopian dreamscape, or a carton of yogurt that has just gone off. It evokes thoughts of driving on the Autobahn passing by tall concrete box-like apartment buildings, while anxiously looking for love.

V E N N are a three-piece band or, better yet, a collective from London that finds its form in the dark nostalgia of 80’s synth-pop…

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>> TOTD | 259; GRAND COUSIN ~ OXYGEN (GoldFlakePaint, publ. July 11th, 2014)

>> FRESH LICKS | FRANCESCA FIORE ~ TANGLEMOUTH (GoldFlakePaint, publ. July 11th, 2014)

>> FRESH LICKS | TĀLĀ ~ ON MY OWN IN HUA HIN (GoldFlakePaint, publ. June 5th, 2014)

>> TOTD | 236; BIG SEARCH ~ ROLE REVERSAL (GoldFlakePaint, publ. May 15th 2014)

>> TOTD | 235; CONVEYOR ~ THEME I (MONSTER RALLY REMIX (GoldFlakePaint, publ. May 14th, 2014)

>> TOTD | 226; SHUNKAN ~ DUST IN YOUR EYES (GoldFlakePaint, publ. Apr 27th, 2014)

>> FRESH LICKS | CINEPLEXX ~ TE QUIERO (GoldFlakePaint, publ. Apr 17th, 2014)

>> TOTD | 217;JARBIRD – MORE BAD CELEBRITY POETRY (GoldFlakePaint, publ. Apr 8th, 2014)

>> FRESH LICKS | THEE AHS ~ DOES IT STILL COUNT (GoldFlakePaint, publ. Mar 11th, 2014)

>> FRESH LICKS | ANG LOW ~ VOODOO WOMAN (GoldFlakePaint, publ. Feb 27th, 2014)

>> FRESH LICKS | VIKESH KAPOOR ~ Bottom of the Ladder (GoldFlakePaint, publ. Feb 12th, 2014)

>> ‘Now Playing (Again): “Fort McMoney”‘ (The Independent, publ. Feb 7th, 2014)


>> FRESH LICKS | Passenger Paru ~Dirt Nap (GoldFlakePaint, publ. Jan 23rd, 2014)

>> FRESH LICKS | QUILT ~ Tie Up The Tides (GoldFlakePaint, publ. Jan 19th, 2014)

>> FRESH LICKS | THE MAGIC GANG ~ SWALLOW (GoldFlakePaint, publ. Jan 17th, 2014)

A prrrretty magical retro style song, confessing what we all fear is to be true about ourselves. We’re all so shallow. The riffs remind me of Cuby + Blizzards with a taste of contemporary apathy. A confessional song about the modern condition that we’re all not as special as we wish we were, amplified by the borrowing of tools from decades ago. By the end you catch yourself singing along at the top of you lungs, confessing your own unapologetic shallowness. And you feel a better person for it.

Read more on Goldflakepaint here.


>> ‘IDFA 2013: The Endless Frontier of Interactive Reality’ (The Independent, publ. Dec 1st, 2013)


>> ‘IDFA 2012: Documentary as an Event Born by Accident’ (The Independent, publ. Dec 12th, 2012)

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>> Screening: ‘The Story of Service Vous Êtes Servis‘ (Cine Migratorio 2012)

Vous êtes servis, by Jorge León

>>Abendland to open Cine Migratorio’ (Cine Migratorio 2012)


>> PANORAMA EVENT NIGHT (Impakt, publ. Nov 6th, 2011)

>> BLOG: BETWEEN ART AND CINEMA WITH “BABEL” (Impakt, publ. Oct 27th, 2011)

BABEL, by Hendrick Dusollier

>> BLOG: VIDEOGRAMME EINER REVOLUTION (Impakt, publ. Oct 25th, 2011)

>> The Right to Know: Yes, We Camp (Impakt, publ. Sept 15th, 2011)