LJ Kessels (she/her) is a Berlin-based writer, philosopher, and cultural entrepreneur. She has an MA in Philosophy from the University of Amsterdam. And would describe herself as (dis)functional on a multilingual level.

She used to do things for SAND, the Reader Berlin, and IDFA. Her work has previously been published in OF ZOOS, South Dakota Review, Stadtsprachen Magazin, Goat’s Milk Magazine, Goldflakepaint, and more. 

Selected Works

>> We Lived in Medium (Volume 57, No. 1 of South Dakota Review publ. January 22nd, 2023)
>> Champagne Days (Paragraph Planet, publ. July 18th, 2022)
>> Popcorn and Coke (OF ZOOS, Issue 10.1 — SHOW & TELL, publ. December 31st, 2021)
>> Mondays (Goat's Milk Magazine, Issue VIII, publ. June 1st, 2021)