OF ZOOS, Issue 7.1 – Rough Material is an issue where artists, writers and poets were paired to realize the potential of an unfinished piece. In it Alvin Ong decided to respond in a rather fluid way to passages, titles, and turns of phrase in my work, in ink. The specific portions of material have formed the title of Ong’s responses.

  • 1991 (Bull & Cross, Issue 15, publ. June 19th, 2018)

LJ Kessels then takes us back to “1991,” with an intimate piece of flash fiction. The story is brief, but powerful, and I knew I wanted it by the time I reached the line, “And one of them would always fall down.” I’ve read and re-read the piece several times since accepting it, and it’s rewarded the re-reading.

Editor-in-chief Bull & Cross Daniel R. Julian