Food: from foodporn to foodart

Food is one of those subjects that makes people’s eyes light up whenever stumbled upon in a conversation. From a TV cooking show favorite like MasterChef Australia through salivating moments cruising through foodporndaily.

Combining food with art, like Sarah Illenberger does in her creative food sculptures, is a prime example of instant fascination. For she recreates recognizable products and dishes using other recognizable but completely not food related objects. Such as her apple sculpture created by hair or her hamburger created by wood.

Sarah Illenberger | McForest | sideways/die gestalten verlag | photo by Ragnar Schmuck

By using wood one not only reconsiders the form it represents, for example the hamburger, but also it’s choice of substance, for example trees. Considerations of the production of meat and the food-culture that is represented by the hamburger thus coincide with considerations of forestry and the disappearance of pure nature. This foodart is not created for salivating but rather to reconsider both properties, food and what it is made of.

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